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5 ways to spend less on car insurance

Generally most consumers understand that paying less for the same coverage is purely common sense. However, there are some steps that can be taken that can insure that you pay less.

  1. Compare Pricing    You can use the tool provided to compare rates from different insurance companies without any fees what so ever. Take advantage of the new computer age and save on hold time if trying to get rates over the phone.
  2. Consider your Deductible    You have the option of raising your deductible and at the same time lowering your rates. The risk of a claim is much lower for the insurance company so they reward you with a much lower rate.
  3. Safety Features    Most Insurance companies adjust there quotes according to some of the safety features. If your car is equipped with a car alarm, air bags or ABS, make sure you let them know so they can pass even more savings your way.
  4. Driving Record    Keep your driving record clean. Most insurance companies go back 3 yrs when checking.
  5. Bundle    Multi-car discounts always save you money.
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