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Accident Cliams

Accidents are not something new. They happen every now and then, sometimes afflicting nominal losses and sometimes, heavy losses. Nominal damages are generally not thought worth claiming, so they become no issue. Accidents causing heavy losses generally reach to the courtrooms for claims. It is apparent that the hit party files the claim. They claim is put forward to get compensation as a help to recover from the damages of the accident.

Mostly people don't think of going for accident claims thinking of the high fees charged by the solicitors. It is a general conception that lawyers do nothing for free and they charge a person even for a legal advice. For this reason, people hesitate to file an accident claim. However, it is crucially important to know that when you are going to file a claim, how your solicitor is going to be paid. Most often, the lawyer taking up a case of an accident claim gets his fee from the opponent. He gets his fees from the opponent's insurance company. It is essential that you select your solicitor cautiously, the one with a positive repute of winning road accident requisitions, because he would be able to put forward your case in the right manner. Many solicitors offer their services saying 'no win no fees'. In that case there is a hint that the claiming person is the one who will be paying the legal fees. However, it should be crystal-clear that the solicitor is not entitled to receive a single penny from the claimer even if the case is lost in the favour of the opponent.

These road accident requisitions are generally of two kinds; claims for body wounds, and claims for car damages. Therefore, requisitions differ from case to case. If there are more B.Is i.e. Bodily Injuries, the requisition must clearly state so, and if the car losses are more, then the claim should be loud about them. One significant thing to notice relating to the legal costs is that while inking an agreement with your lawyer, you must read the articles of the agreement carefully. You must understand each and everything mentioned in the agreement. Beware of articles stating that the claimer will be payable or responsible for any extra expenses, which include claims for medical treatment and its costs, and requisition for time to make the case more impressive. Always keep in mind that all expenses are charged from the defendant and the lawyer cannot put them on the claimer thinking to charge from the remittance he gets.

While going for an accident claim, one must also know that till when he can file a claim. In UK, a claim for compensation can be filed within 3 years of the accident date. The solicitor will require the medical examination reports to determine the amount to be claimed. The claim cases are often settled down within 6-9 months since the filing of the claim. However, it is better not to take the matter to the court and settle it down outside the court.

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